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Below are some of the most common questions I am asked:


Do you have experience with interfaith wedding planning and counseling?


Yes! I have worked with many couples who are interfaith, both in wedding planning and with PREPARE/ENRICH. I enjoy working with couples who come from varying religious backgrounds, and will work with the couple to create a wedding ceremony unique to their spiritual beliefs if they like. The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment comes in multiple versions for various religions, but also an interfaith and non faith-based version.


Do you accept insurance for counseling?


No, I do not accept insurance at this time, however, I will be pursuing paneling with a variety of insurances with a goal to be paneled by Spring 2022. I am able to provide a superbill for you to pursue out of network coverage with your insurance company.


Do you offer other forms of counseling? What about groups?


At this point, I am only offering perinatal and premarital counseling as well as LCMHCA supervision.


My [family/friend/fiancé's family] is driving me nuts! Can you help us?


Yes! I would be happy to have a session with you individually, or you and the person you are having difficulty with to discuss the situation. It can be very helpful to have a nonjudgmental 3rd party mediate or help explore the issue more deeply and resolve it. I have plenty of experience with, and have been trained in conflict resolution and mediation.


Where are you located? Do you travel?


I live in Asheville and during the COVID-19 pandemic am able to offer virtual counseling and supervision. Depending on the weather, I am also open to meeting in person at a park or outdoor café. Additionally I have access to office space for when the weather turns. Eventually I will be leasing my own office, but that may not be until early 2022.


What types of packages do you offer?


The packages that I offer are for Month and Day of Coordination, and PREPARE/ENRICH Sessions. The packages are designed so that they can be combined, individually edited, and/or added on to. Please contact me and share what you are looking for and I will recommend some packages that we could go over in a free consultation.


Do you have vendors that you prefer to work with or could recommend?


Yes! I have developed relationships with a number of vendors, and would be happy to provide recommendations. I am also open to researching new vendors, as I am always looking to expand the variety of vendors that I know and trust.

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