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Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC of The Mindful Planner offers a variety of options for family counseling. She has experience working with a wide variety of mental health issues that relate to families, as she worked for 3 years with families in community mental health.


The Mindful Planner offers the following types of family counseling:

Parenting: Raising children is difficult, and there is no instruction manual! We all get stuck from time to time in parenting our children how we want to. Or, maybe your child has changed and you're not sure how to connect with them or support them right now. Counseling can help you find your way again, whether it be by learning something new, or discovering something in yourself that you never knew was there. With 3 years of experience helping parents of children and teens, Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC can help you get back on track with your parenting.


Divorce or Break-up Counseling: The US Census reports that over 80% of people who experience a divorce will re-marry. Counseling during a break-up or divorce can help identify what went wrong and how to learn from the experience and make different decisions in the future. It can also be extremely helpful to engage in divorce or break-up counseling with your ex, especially if there are children or shared property/accounts/business, as you will need to continue working together as partners in some fashion. Furthermore, if there are children present, involving them in family counseling can help ease their stress and anxiety. Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC can support you and your children in navigating the emotions and changes divorce brings to the family.


Role Shifts: Are you close to retirement? Has your youngest or oldest child gone to college? Are your children no longer "children?" Are you a grandparent finding yourself a parent to your grandchildren? Those are just some of the role changes that can be challenging for families. Counseling can help every member of the family learn how to manage and thrive through shifting roles.


Changes in Family Dynamics: Often your role remains the same, but one or more members of your family have experienced a significant life change that affects all other members of the family. Counseling can help sort through these changes in how individuals within a family cope alone and with each other.


Birth, Adoption, Loss Counseling: While birth and adoption are wonderful, happy events, they nonetheless can cause significant stress and anxiety as they are both a role shift and a change in family dynamics. Similarly, loss can affect roles and dynamics significantly. Counseling can help smooth those life transitions.


Divorce or Break-up Counseling

Role shifts

Changes in Family Dynamics

Birth, Adoption, Loss Counseling

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