Gaining Insights/Communication/Anxiety Reduction Skills/Chronic Illness Management/Balance/Health & Intimacy/Conflict Resolution/Positive Psychology


Your work with Lauren Kaufmann, LPC of The Mindful Planner may include some of what is listed above, but there are many other aspects of your life that may improve with therapy:

Background and Education:  Lauren K. Kaufmann, MA, LPC spent two semesters counseling students with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and psychological concerns at Appalachian State University's (ASU) Counseling and Psychological Services Center, an American Psychological Association approved site. After graduation from App State with a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling, she took a job as a therapist working in the local Asheville school systems of Asheville City and Buncombe County. While in that position, she gained experience working with a large variety of children and families, especially those who have experienced significant trauma and poverty. Currently, Lauren works part time at a local mental health residential treatment community where she is employed as a Recovery Coordinator, which involves aspects of case management and family therapy.


Additional Experience & Training:  Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC has received continuing education on a wide variety of topics: trauma-informed treatment, transgender and LGB issues, and community stress responses, to name a few. She spent 3 years working for a community mental health agency working with children aged 5-17 where she learned first-hand about child therapy, family dynamics, and issues unique to Appalachian culture. Lauren Kaufmann, LPC also has life experience with an autoimmune disease, which brings passion and experience to her work with clients who have significant and chronic health challenges.


Theoretical Orientations: Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC draws from a variety of theoretical backgrounds when engaging in the therapeutic relationship. She primarily draws from Adlerian perspectives and Choice Theory, with a large dose of Positive Psychology. Lauren has some training in transactional analysis, as well as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) grounding skills. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another large aspect of therapy with Lauren. When engaged in couples counseling, Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC utilizes her training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), along with the above mentioned orientations.


Homework: Therapy is most effective when combined with homework. In your work with Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LPC, you will be asked to carry your sessions into your personal, professional, and social life through homework exercises. Some weeks you will recieve a worksheet, other weeks you will be asked to do something and report back how you felt, and other weeks you may journal or create art. This is not to say you will have homework every week, but it is important to understand that you will experience the most benefit from therapy if you carry your insights and hard work into the other 167 hours of your week.



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