The Mindful Planner was created by Lauren Kaufmann when she decided to follow her dream of opening a private practice... and a wedding planning business! Lauren's passion and skills include couples, families, and especially the excitement and stress surrounding the beginning of a marriage. In going through her own wedding planning experience, and then her cousin's, she realized that planning a wedding is so much more than selecting the details and designing invitations. She realized that some couples may desire more emotional and psychological support both in the planning phase, and on the actual day of the wedding. Thus, The Mindful Planner was conceptualized and created! at a 

Since opening The Mindful Planner, Lauren continued to grow in her "day job", eventually becoming the Director of a team of Recovery Clinicians at a local residential mental health treatment community. Through this work, she discovered a passion for providing clinical supervision for newly licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors. In 2019 she completed a 40-hour course to become licensed to provide supervision.

Lauren Kaufmann, therapist, planner, coordinator

Lauren K. Kaufmann, MA, LCMHCS

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Wedding Planner, Day Of Coordinator, day of coordination, professional

Lauren discussing ceremony plans with a harpist

Lauren K. Kaufmann, MA, LCMHCS

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

Owner, Coordinator, Supervisor, & Therapist, The Mindful Planner, PLLC

I obtained my Masters of Arts degree at Appalachian State University in 2011 with a concentration in Marriage & Family counseling. My career aspiration has always been to offer premarital counseling, and I obtained certification in PREPARE/ENRICH in 2010. I worked in community mental health in Asheville, NC for 3 years and counseled impoverished children and their families. I gained experience with children of divorce and fighting couples, which furthered my resolve to follow my passion for premarital counseling.


I have always believed in the importance of marriage for all people and types of families. A good marriage can provide a couple and any children a solid, safe, and loving base from which to explore the world. A happy and supportive marriage can be incredibly fulfilling, and my hope is that all people who want marriage can experience a good one.


However, to experience a good marriage, one must actually get married! Many times, planning a wedding can be a stressful experience in which the couple grapples with a variety of major issues, and may experience great stress from their families of origin. I use my skill set as a therapist to provide therapeutic support for couples and their families as they make this transition. In my experience, having therapeutic support during the planning phase, and especially during the "wedding weekend," can help the couple start their new marriage on solid, loving ground. 

Coordinating my first wedding


I had successfully planned my own wedding, but obviously could not coordinate it myself. On the day of my wedding, I was surprised to find myself quite sad that I could not be out in the tent directing people, helping set up, nor talk to all of our family beforehand. I also found that I was incredibly anxious about everything running smoothly and wished I had someone there guide me in relaxation. I experienced a deep desire to be on my Day Of Coordinator's side of the aisle, managing the operations and being hands on with set up. 


My opportunity came when my cousin announced her engagement 6 months later! I was her confidante and Matron of Ceremonies, which is essentially the Day of Coordinator. I absolutely loved it from the rehearsal to the reception! The wedding day began disastrously: pouring rain, food poisoning almost ruined a groomsman's suit coat, venue staff disappeared, reception decorators did not show up, a last-minute bride fashion emergency delaying a ceremony that had already begun, and everyone's anxiety about the rain. However, with my leadership, counseling skills, and take-charge attitude, everything went off without a hitch! I even made the correct call about keeping the ceremony outdoors.


During this experience, I learned the importance of remaining calm, having distinct and clear plans for everything that could possibly happen, and having a lot of creativity. I received many compliments, some of which you will find on my website, and was told by many people that I should officially go into the business. So, I decided it was time I pursue my passions and I started The Mindful Planner!