LCMHCA Supervision


Whether you're in your first work experience, or embarking on a second or third career, Lauren Kaufmann, MA, LCMHCS of the Mindful Planner is able to offer clinical supervision for LCMHCA's who wish to broaden their clinical skills and grow into the profession.

Premarital Counseling


Learn how to cultivate a relationship with greater intimacy, improved communication, and conflict resolution skills. The Mindful Planner will also help explore issues of family, religion, communication styles, and more, in order to create a plan for your marriage.

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Premarital Assessment



Exploring your marriage through the use of a premarital assessment can be a great step for couples who feel as though they have a strong foundation but wish to set aside dedicated time to explore their relationship. We will focus on setting up your marriage for success through goal setting and exploration.

Lauren Kaufmann, The Mindful Planner, premarital counseling, wedding planning, day of coordinator

Lauren K. Kaufmann, MA, LCMHCS

Owner and Therapist of The Mindful Planner, PLLCkfjd


Lauren was incredibly organized, on top of every small detail, the consummate professional , kept everything flowing flawlessly and got the job done seamlessly. I highly recommend using her services so the bride, groom and immediate family can sit back and enjoy their very special day.

Geralyn R., Mother of the Groom




When the big day arrives it can be overwhelming. Don't try to figure it all out then. Make your plans with Lauren, and then turn it over to her. You want a cool head and a good eye working on your behalf. Lauren was that for us, and she will be that for you. Take advantage of her skills - you'll be glad you did!


Lisa L., Stepmother of the Bride

Bride & Groom Photo credit: We Are The Mitchells

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